1. Is this how you do Diversity in TV show casting & booking?


    I was catching up on one of my favorite new shows on E! network, "The Fabulist" starring Kristin Cavallari, former reality TV star of MTV's "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach" and fashion maven and blogger Orly Shani as hosts. 

    The premise of the show is each week, the hosts and a rotating duo of guests booked by the  show producers go over trending fashion, drinks, hair and other things and decide whether it is fab or not; and in the end add one item to the fabuList.

    After two episodes, I noticed a pattern in booking that looked to be more deliberate than coincidental by the time I finished screening all 4 of the episodes of the weekly series that air on Mondays on E! network.

    With two White female hosts, show creators may have deliberately elected to mix up who gets booked so the panel doesn’t look too monolithic and they get a variety in perspectives while making their diverse audiences feel comfortable about seeing themselves, in a way, represented.

    I enjoyed the input of each week’s guest tremendously and thought they all looked fab and deserving to sit on the couch dishing their perspectives and thoughts on the various trends. They each had chemistry.

    It works!

    Personally, I love my local Fox news anchor cast bc it is a blend of women and men from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. Their banter in between news stories and guests is authentic and real. I get various viewpoints. All female panel shows like The View or all male panel shows such as they have on sports networks are boring and lack the flavor if mixed up.

    But all that said, if this pattern continues, does this mean there will never be a Hispanic, Asian or Black male or Hispanic, Asian or White woman join the hosts?

    I’m sure E will mix it up later, but if deliberate, I wonder if casting this way ideal for appealing to broader audiences and dually shielding off the type of criticism that scripted shows like Silicon Valley, Girls on HBO, Seinfeld, Friends, Sex in the City and all others have gotten in the past.

    I guess feedback from social media and focus groups will decide.


  2. newshour:

    "Poets and beggars, musicians and prophets, warriors and scoundrels, all creatures of that unbridled reality, we have had to ask but little of imagination, for our crucial problem has been a lack of conventional means to render our lives believable. This, my friends, is the crux of our solitude.”

    -Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez has died at age 87


  3. #Live.Laugh.Live and Be Kind. my mantra this #HolyThursday

  4. Wake up. Live your authentic life and Don’t let other people dump their insecurities on you or stop you from doing what makes you feel comfortable & from making moves to move your life in the upward direction. And whatever you do, Don’t ever apologize for being you. #Words #Wisdom

  5. Reminder to take a step back and come again. #words #wisdom

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  7. Roadblocks exist but they can be temporary. Don’t give up and Find a way! #BlerdGirl quotes #rp by @chinadoll6985 Have a great Sunday!

  8. What keeps #StartUps, #Entrepreneurs, esp women, from going BIG is not fear of failure but fear of success.

    With it comes pressure, added expectation and anxiety. Also, if a person has never seen people around her close circle of family and friends be successful, she may be unable to imagine herself rising past them.

    She may think to herself, “who am I to exalt so highly? I am but a poor girl from …”

    Or perhaps, she is too humble and anticipates that life may change too much if she is successful or that people may envy her success and pull away. She also sees how high levels of success changes the successful person. Some get corrupted. Others become too vain. Many forget where they came from and don’t look back and give back or pull up others climbing to the top.

    And those who are there at the top have so many more people relying on them and all of a sudden it no longer becomes fun anymore and becomes an obligation or duty. And more like an everyday job.

    No thank you.

    It may be comforting to be “just comfortable” and to remain in the land of average or the land of “everyday people.”

    There is safety and security there.

    Entrepreneurs who step out on faith and leave the security of a constant paycheck behind cannot afford to cling to what is “safe.”

    They have to dig deep and find the strength to go after every opportunity and not pass by any open door that could possibly lead to success out of fear.

    Walk thru it, my dear.

    (at Dreamland)

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